Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ed Carpentier

He claimed to be from Paris and related to the boxer by the name of Carpentier but in truth he wa neither. Still, for a bigger man, there were few men as agile or as fast moving in the ring. A genius ahead of his time, he dazzled his opponent via cartwheels and flying dropkicks long before they were common. He was known as "The man with the flying feet" for good reason.

Carpentier was better known for action in Canada in the Midwest. In the St. Louis area he received a major push feuding with Blackjack Lanza, Harley race and Hans Schmidt. he is not commonly associated with Arizona.

In 1960, Carpentier did pass through Arizona and pick up a set of matches, evidently when traveling between Los Angeles and the Midwest by car.  Though truly over with the people, he did not stay long and moved onward, which was his intention from the start.

He died in 2010.

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