Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Running Man

It is out on DVD, but also crops up often on cable tv. The Running Man is a film about a futuristic world where The Running man is the most popular game show in America, featuring criminals chased down by stalkers or bounty men in a weird cat and mouse game.

It is interesting to see two wrestlers in supporting roles.

First, Jesse Ventura appears as Captain Freedom, wearing a wig that looks like a bird nest on his head.

Ventura was seen in Arizona in the early days of the WWF invasion into the territory.

Professor Tanaka is also seen as Professor Sub Zero.

Tanaka appeared in the early part of his career in Phoenix and environs, wrestling under his real name as Charlie Kalani,  a happy Hawaiian, before he became an evil Japanese villain in the ring.

The film is worth a look.

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