Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mr Wright

Cole Wright or Mr Wright comes form Yuma, Arizona and spent a god deal of his early career in Arizona, working not only for the varied promotiosn there, but alsoa cross the broder in Mexico where he tuned up his skills He remains a charismatic and itneresting eprformer.

Recently, Wright drifted up to Washington, though there are indications he will be campaigning in  a trip back to Arizona soon. In the meantime, he has been teaming with fellow Arizonan, Ron Von Hess (Sutherland) in a wild tag team feud with Jimmy Flame and Mr Fitness. the latter two have been seen being managed, by yet another Arizonan, The Time Traveler. .

Wright and Von Hess hold the tag team title for the Washington based SCW at this time, recently making a successful efense of the crown against the Flame/Fitness combo in Bremerton.

Von Hess is also supposed to be making a return to Arizona, briefly, in three weeks, with Wright soon to follow for a stopover. .

Do not look for the pair to leave Washington on a lasting basis any time soon as they have become big draws there. 

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