Sunday, October 14, 2012

El Estudiante

There have been various wrestlers in Mexico using the name of El Estudiante or "The Student" and as inside humor, George Steele did this routine under a hood, calling himself The Student in Detroit, while teaching  school by day

Arizona also had an Estudiante for a while and this was established area grappler,  Paco Nunez, wearing a red mask and hood. They called him El Estudiante because it seemed as good as anything else.

Under the masked role, Nunez had some exceptional matches with Tony Hernandez in Phoenix, when Barry Bernsten was running in the early 1980s. If memory serves right, he lost to Hernandez in these encoutners.

As he did before donning the hood, Nunez eventually unmasked and continued as himself, unhooded. El Estudiante was clearly not meant to be a lasting thing.

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