Monday, January 28, 2013

Wrestling in Akron June 10 release

Wrestling in Akron from Arcadia Publishing at http://www.arcadiapublishing,com   will be on the stands June 10. It may be ordered from any book store chain also.

Mainly photographic in content, the book includes The Sheik, Chris Kole, Brandon X, Whipper Watson, Brian O, Jake Roberts, Don Eagle,  Hank James, Waldo Von Erich, Hans Schmidt, Kevin Sullivan, Dave McKigney, The Crusaders,. The Mongols, Bull Curry, Fred Curry, Mark Mustang, Bad Boy Hines, Tony Altimore, Ivan Putski, Stan Hanson, Zoltan,  Bobo Brazil and many others.

The book also has photos and bios of many who were regulars in Arizona, including Lou Thesz, Monte Ladue, Benny Mendeblis (he never made it east though he tried as the Midwestern offices felt him too small, a fact noted), Killer Brooks, Ben Justice, Luis Martinez,  Mildred Burke, Dory Funk Jr., Tex Riley, Jerry Graham, Lord Carlton, Mike Mazurki, Primo Carnera , Marvin Mercer, Navajo Warrior and Don Kent.

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