Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Health Problems For Stars

A multitude of retired and current wrestlers are suffering from health issues. Keep them in your thoughts.

Nick Bockwinkel is said to be facing the initial stage of Alzheimer at 78. This is the same ailment that killed his father, Warren, some years back. CAC and the Bockwinkel family have all denounced this as false.   .

Billy Anderson has encountered major back problems. He has had to be hospitalized for the same.

The wrestling world has kept as quiet about it as possible, but Bobby Heenan is evidently fighting cancer once more

Jerry Gray has also been fighting cancer for months now. .

Jim McFarland, who wrestled in Arizona as The Golden Eagle, has been ill for months, but no news on his present condition.

David Rose, another mainstay in Arizona, is battling emphysema in Kansas and has done so for years.

Newcomer, Count Coffin, is out of action for the time being with two broken fingers.

Cassandro El Exotico has undergone extensive oral surgery recently.

Scott Hall has been undergoing therapy with Dallas Paige and his program to cope with addictions.

Miss Vicious, out in Phoenix, undergoes some form of surgery next week. No added info.

Diane Von Hoffman is also said to be having varied health issues.

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  1. Jim McFarland "The Golden Eagle is still alive and kicken...although still battling health problems he still fights and pulls through...i saw these blogs and want to thankyou for ppsting as i am able to show my kids these about their papa