Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ben Trudell

Ben Trudell went from the undercard to the main events in Arizona in the early 1950s , Though on the surface just your average heel, he was able to really gain heat and show what he was made of when given the chance.

He was best noted for a feud with the ill-fated George Drake (Drake would later shoot himself in a  fit of depression). Trudell took the role of a snarling, rough house villain who hated "pretty boys" like the popular Drake. As he went through the course of a match and had the upper hand, he would taunt the crowd with threats of what he was next going to do to their hero. The beloved Drake, however, usually made a comeback and won.

Trudell also feuded with Johnny james of the James Brother tag team, going to several savage double disqualifications which saw them brawling throughout whatever building they were in. Phoenix and Tucson were both scenes for their slugfests. In the long run, as with Drake, James won out, but it took him some doing.

Rising from bottom to top on the cards, Trudell made a name for himself in Arizona, but with the passing of time he has sadly faded from memory.

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