Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Johnny Gunn

Johnny Gunn, out of Salem, Ohio started for indies some years ago, appearing regularly on MCW and MEWL cards, first as a baby face and later as an arrogant heel who provoked great hatred from the crowd.

Now, with some years behind him in the game, Gunn is looking to do some traveling and get his name out there in some new areas. A western trip could be in the making if agreements can be reached about money, as the distance factor is a big issue. It is hoped something will be worked out, so he will indeed be seen in some new states.

In his native Ohio, Gunn has become known for his matches with Tripp Lee, Durty (his spelling) The Clown, Lones Oaks, Levi Masterson, Christian Vaughn, Justin Diaz  and the Buckaroos, mainstays all in the Midwest and well known regional people.

Be he good or bad, as he has shown the ability to go either way, Gunn would be a worthwhile addition to any card.

"Gunn has come a long way," commented wrestling manager, the Time Traveler. "I remember how nervous he wa sin the very beginning and how hesitant and reluctant he seemed to be in his matches. he got over that fast and learned the ropes faster than anyone I have ever seen. He's now a top notch wrestler. The improvements over say, the past two years, are just too many to be ignored. He is main event material beyond ant doubt and has become the performer I felt he could be, fi he decided to really go all out. I do not think anyone in the stands or the locker room would disagree. He has come a long, long way and that cannot be denied. What he needs to do now is get out of his Ohio base for a bit and start traveling, making his name known elsewhere, as where ever he goes I am confident he will excel."

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