Saturday, January 23, 2016

Brody Adams

Brody Adams comes from Alaska. Yes, they do have wrestling there. While he and his associates are kept busy up that way, they have been drifting downward into Washington and as far as Utah. Could Arizona be on the horizon?

Brody is a big, brawling man who is worth seeing and capable beyond the scope of most Indy guys. He should truly go places.  Keep an eye out for him.

His Washington presentation saw him beat Randy Zellers in short order and provoke the crowd with heat seldom seen this day and age.

His brutal, mauling style is similar to that of the late Bruiser Brody.

Again. though kept busy in Alaska, it is hoped Brody will branch out and be seen in several new areas in the months ahead, as he deserves it.  .

Brody Adams. An old fashioned heel in the most slamming, stomping sense of the word!

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