Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jimmy Jack Funk

The "wildest funk of all," as the WWE propaganda machine billed him, was not even a Funk at all, but actually Jesse Barr, the son of Sandy Barr out of Oregon.

As Jimmy jack, Barr did manage to gain a lot of heat in Phoenix when the WWE/WWF brought him in. The crowd, used to Dory and Terry as babies in the past, did not like the idea of any of them being heels and the result was spectacular.

Jimmy Jack did his best to live up to the hype machine, brawling and stomping through varied Arizona shows. The run, however, came to an end, which saw him returning to the name of Jesse Barr and returning to Oregon where he wrestled for his father's promotion.

Barr/Funk is retired from wrestling and makes his home in Portland presently.

The legacy of his wild WWF run  survives.

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