Friday, January 1, 2016

Az History Of Wrestling In Results Book To Be Found In Many Az. Libraries .

The History Of Az Wrestling In Results book by Dale Pierce may be ordered at Lulu publishing for those into  those interested in results and selected cards from 1880s to present.   Thesz, Rogers, Sheik, Colt, Ellis, Bearcat Wright, Hutton, Funk, Brazil ,Marino, Sue Green, Moolah, Luis Martinez, Tito Montez, Tito Carreon, Sandy Barr, Spicolli, Von Hess, Hogan, Savage, Rob Dupree,  Gagne, Big  Jim will find them all here.

Several Az libraries should have the book in their system in 2016, including Glendale, Phoenix, Yuma and more.

If you live in Az check your local library system.

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