Friday, May 4, 2012

Benny Mendeblis Dies

Benny Mendeblis passed away Sunday after a long battle with cancer.

Though a smaller man, Mendeblis was amazingly popular with the Arizona crowd and held the Arizona Jr. Hwy. Title several times.

His real name was Ventura Mendeblis.

He was a regular at the Phoenix Madison Square Garden from 1974 until the arena closed in 1978. Afterward,. he conditioned to wrestle for a number of promotions in the Tucson./Phoenix area, plus occasional appearances in Nevada and in Mexico.

Mendeblis might be best remembered by Phoenix fans for his lengthy feud with John Ringer and the number of bloody battles they had with each other.

Others he wrestled consistantly included David Rose, Chuck Karbo, Maniac Mike Gordon, Freddie Gomez, Eddie Sullivan, Hercules Stevenson, Billy Tipton, Jimmy Kent and  The Lumberjacks.

Mendeblis retired from the ring in 1985.

He will be missed.

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