Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hardcore Before Hardcore

ECW might have coined the phrases Hardcore Wrestling and Extreme Wrestling, but the style was around long before them.

Case in point was the feud between Buddy Rogers and Fritz Von Goring in Arizona in the late 1950s, in which the generally unpopular Rogers actually heard cheers due to his opponent being so hated.

A standout incident would have been one of their Yuma encounters which saw them brawling outside the ring, up the aisle, out the door and into the parking lot before being pulled apart.

This would lead to a large crowd the following week, watching Rogers as he squared off in a rematch with Von Goring ina match with the ring surrounded by a chickenwire cage.

In this bloody match, Rogers won and ended the feud.

In this set of matches, Roegrs likewise proved his ability as a savage, chair-swiniging brawler when the need arose.

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