Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bill Parks

Bill Parks made the rounds in the 1950s, usually as a heel, though in Arizona he worked as a fan favorite. He was never a major star ranking among the biggest names in the game, but capable and charismatic in the ring. He did enjoy a lengthy career and found his way into main event status in different places.

In the 1950s, Parks had a lengthy feud with Monte Ladue, who was then one of the smaller men in the game, but also one of the top villains.

Parks lost most of his encounters with Ladue, but increased rather than decreased with each defeat. This was due to the fact that Ladue always was sure to cheat in order to win, thus depriving Parks of the victory he deserved.

Ladue was the master at playing up to the crowd and simple things like holding trunks or placing his feet on the ropes to win would rive the crowd to a riot pitch. With Parks always just about to score a pin and Ladue pulling something cheap out of thin air to put him down was a sure fire way to put the audience in a rage. This brought them back fort he rematch, where again they hoped Parks would win and Ladue would once more, do something dirty to score a pinfall.

The odd part was again how Parks was cheered in Arizonan, but was a rule breaker in most other places. if nothing else, this proves his diversity as a wrestler.

Parks lived to be quite elderly and passed away in 2004.

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