Monday, June 10, 2013

Wrestling In Akron Book Now Ready

Wrestling in Akron is now ready from publishers at or may be ordered at any book store chain if not stocked. Amazon also offers the book at a discount from the original $21.99 price at several dollars lower for the moment anyway or around $15.00 and may be worth looking into.

The book includes photos of many wrestlers who worked Arizona as well and notes a brief trade agreement with Paavo in the west and Walter Moore, though it did not last long. Moore was sent Monte Ladue and Rod Fenton and Ohio was just not used to those two lunatics or their way of doing things.

Some 200 photos in all, including many rare shots and those never before published.

Images of some of the people who worked both Ohio and Arizona within include Mike Gordon, Sheik, Funk, Fred Curry, Kurt Von Hess, Louie Spicolli, Billy Anderson, Mae Weston, Mildred Burke, Roy Shire, Legs Levin, Lou Thesz, Chris Colt, Ron Dupree, Chris Kole, Ben Justice, Killer Brooks, Navajo Warrior, Rainbow, Jerry Graham, Red Bastein, Hans Shabel (also spelled Schnable and Shabel, who knows....), Don Arnold, Luis Martinez, Chris Markoff, Kevin Sullivan, Killer Brooks, Brian Pillman, Gold Dust, The Smoking Guns, Primo Carnera, Irish McGee, Paavo Katonan, Billy Watson, Mil Mascaras, The Mummy, The Swedish Angel and more.

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