Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Book

Referee and writer Tim Hicks has announced a new book via Lateral Press, The Pictorial History of Wrestling In The West for late this year via Lateral Press.

The book will include a number of rare photos of big name and lesser known people from carnival times to the present.

Jim Londos, Legs Lavin, The Great  Balbo, Chris Colt, Billy Anderson, Don Fargo, Tony Hernandez, the Time Traveler, Kurt Von Hess, Mil Mascaras, Jody Arnold, Ray Stevens, Dory Funk Jr., Pedro El Grande, Mike Mazurki, Paavo Katonan, Dizzy Davis, Freddie Gomez, Tito Montez, Luis Martinez, Mike Gordon, John Ringer, Rudy Kay, Wally Plumber, Hans Schnabel, Fritz Schnabel, Cowboy Bob Yuma, Wild Red Berry, Bobby Jaggers, Moose Morowski, Daisey Maye, Paul Harvey, David Rose, Greg Gagne, Nick Bockwinkel, Ben Justice, Igor, Jerry Kozack, Ivan Robert, Ali Pasha, Crusher, Red Bastein, Gorgeous George, Phil Melby, Rainbow, Section 8, Attacullaculla, Smokin Guns, King Milo, Rat Man Garvan, Bill Barker, Jeff Jarrett, Gold Dust, Hank James, Kurt Von Steiger, Ron Dupree, Billy Graham, Jerry Graham, Johnny Legend and Marvin Mercer will be just a few of the many depicted.

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