Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pedro Gomez & Pepper Morales

In the 1960s, Ernie Muhammad started taking a page from the books of Tony Santos, by using sound alike name son his promotion now and again. He had a Jack Frisco later down the road and a Gene Viniski under a mask.  Granted, he was smart enough to not pull this all the time and burn his bridges with the fans, but sometimes he snuck such ripoffs in.

While Ernie ran a good show overall and lasted for many years, Don Fargo reamed him as a fool in his recent Hard Way book. At times, Ernie did do dumb things and this was one of them.

One of the worst monstrosities when he did do the ripoff was to have a team named Pedro Gomez and Pepe Morales.

The idea was to sound like Pedro Morales and Pepper Gomez, with fans thinking there was a misprint in the adds.

Ernie didn't stop to think when he aired these two on television the fans in the know would realize what was up .

He didn't even have them winning.

I have no idea who these two really were.

They remained in Arizona for a short time, losing in both tag team matches and in ingles competition, barring a rare win.  One must note a very rare win!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ernie did some great things, to be sure. He brought in a lot of top antes as well. Pedro Gomez and Pepper Morales were not two of them.

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