Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Review: Bond Villains

Bond Villains by Alistair Dougall has little to do with Arizona wrestling on the surface, thoguh it covers the bulk of the heels who have appeared in James Bond movies over the decades.

There is a big profile on Harold Sakata as Odd Job in Goldfinger.

In this movie he is a dangerous Japanese hit man with a derby with a razor sharp brim.

In truth,  Sakata was a Hawaiian.

Aside from this film, Sakata played Moto, a villain in the wrestling ring, who made varied appearances in California and Arizona.

For not just a fan of Bond films, but wrestling fans as well who might have otherwise missed it, this book might be worth checking into.

A load of other Bond villains are also dealt with aside form Odd Job. Renard, May Day. Dr. No, Blofeld, Baron Samedi and the others are all to be found.

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