Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ron Newstrome

His real name was Ron Newsom, but he went as Ron Newstrome from the start of his Arizona career until he end, due to a spelling error in the programs billing him as such when he made his Phoenix debut.

No one seems sure where he worked before Arizona, but he did have hear and know the ropes when he started in Pheonix in 1981. A heavyset,   middle aged man with a bald head, he had seen better days, to be sure, but he tried his best.

Sometimes he went as heel and soemtimes a fan favorite, depending on where he was needed and who he was matched with. Usually on the openers, he did not have many extended feuds when in the Phoenix/Tucson area, though he did have a set of main events with Jody Arnold where he. like everyone else, failed to take his US Title from him.

Others he wrestled included Golden Henderson, The Lumberjacks, Tony Hernandez, Ed Blair, The New York Assassin, Tony Hernandez, Farmer Jones, Danny Snyder,  Pedro El Grande, Cowboy Bob Yuma, Billy Anderson, John Ringer, Sneaky Red Smith, Mr Murder, Eddie Sullivan, Super Argo, The Viking, The Golden Eagle, Colorado Kid and Mike Gordon.

Newstrome took a major knee injury while wrestling The Detroit Mauler in Phoenix, which sidelined him for months,. A comeback was not successful and by 1986 he was out of the game.

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