Monday, July 9, 2012

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson started out in Arizona as a student of Kurt Von Steiger and the original Buddy Rose.  (There was another in the late 1960s/early 1970s before Playboy Buddy Rose). Presented as a teenage sensation, he was launched into a number of feuds and carried his own, squaring off with Jody Arnold, David Rose, The Warlock and more. 

Though he would leave Arizona in the many years to follow, he would always seem to return, even after a long stint in California where he and Red Bastein, followed later by Jesse Hernandez,  operated a busy wrestling school. Among the graduates were Sting, Magnificent Mimi, Louie Spicolli  and The Ultimate Warrior.

Anderson was also seen on frequent WWF television tapings , plus amde tours of Mexico, Venezuela, Japan and Egypt.

Ever since 1996, after finding "salvation" while doing a play called The Empty Ring with Jake Roberts and Superstar Billy Graham , he has been continually active with Christian affairs. The play was revolutionary in the fact they held the extravaganza within a large church and drew in the thousands.   He is a member of Athletes International, a Christian pro athletic organization based in Phoenix that has international ties.

Though retired from active wrestling, Anderson is still a regular attendee at Phoenix wrestling matches. He recently wrote a book, consisting mainly of photographs, about his ventures in wrestling and on people he helped train.

Opponents Anderson has faced either within Arizona or elsewhere include Paul Orndorff, Adrian Adonis, Tiniemblas, Anibal, Tim Patterson, The Beast, John Ringer, The Lumberjacks, Mr Southern Comfort, Paul Harvey, Sergeant Shultz, John Tolos, Chris Colt, Don Fargo, Jackie Fargo, The Ripper, Rough House Sonny Fargo, Benny Mendeblis, Chuck Hondo, Chuck Karbo, Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Eddie Sullivan and more.

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