Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Broadway Venus

Broadway Venus died a while ago. I cannot pinpoint the exact date off the top of my head, I remember it happening and seeing his obituary in some bulletins. This I do remember. If I recall correctly, he also lived to be ancient, so who could ask for more!

Broadway Venus and one has to love that name, was a capable journeyman wrestler who was seen throughout the United States during a long career. Sometimes he was on the undercard and sometimes in the main event. Likewise, sometimes he ended up cheered and at other times booed, depending on the opponent.

Broadway Venus was never a regular in Arizona, though he did appear there from time to time, usually facing Jesse James, Johnny James or Don Arnold. In the southwest, his loss  record was bigger than his list of wins. Oh well.....

Though not the most famous of names, he did his part for the wrestling world.

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