Friday, February 1, 2013

The Brisco Name Continues

The Brisco brothers wrestled all over, but never too much in Arizona, as this was more or less Funk stomping ground and there the Funks could do no wrong in the eyes of the fans. Good guy versus good guy never drew all that well in Arizona, where fans were accustomed to brawls and blood. Thus, the ever popular Brisco brothers did not see as many Arizona bookings while the more established Funks were regulars.

There was one NWA World title match that took place in Phoenix when Jack Brisco had his reign. The 2/3 fall match with Dory Funk Jr. ended in a draw, with the fans split for the bulk of the encounter  until they sided with the age old favorite. Upon being booed, Jack lost it and started fighting dirty, even running Funk into the ringside table to draw blood (Blood seldom ended up spilled in their encounters). Dory turned things on him, however, with the belt within his grasp, when lo and behold, the time limit expired.

The Brisco brothers probably came through Phoenix when they were a tag team in the WWF and the Fed was invading all the old territories, but this writer is unsure of when.

Jerry Brisco, Jack's brother, was in Arizona later on as part of the WWF office. That is a certainty.

Ironically, this week marks the third anniversary of Jack Brisco's death.

Life, however, goes on.

Wes Brisco, Jack's nephew and Jerry's son, has been seen recently in TNA where as of this week he seems geared for a push.

Time will tell on this one, but with TNA having done a recent show in Phoenix and the likelihood of their return, it could well be a new Brisco will become a star in the area.

This writer is pulling for the new Brisco. Fans seem to think the son of a famous name always has it easy inn wrestling  but this is not necessarily true. While the son may get some breaks, he also has the shadow of a famous father hanging over him. To break away from this, he must be twice as good as the norm.

One cannot help but want to wish him luck.

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