Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Assassins

The Assassins, Joey Hamilton and Tom Renesto, were a worldwide famous pair of masked men, known for their black and yellow costumes with matching masks. Though some of their biggest pushes came down south, they were also regulars in western states such as Washington, California and Arizona.

Often duplicated, but never surpassed, this pair main-evented everywhere, including shows at the Phoenix Madison Square Garden and other arenas. Hamilton mentioned Arizona in his book a  few years back. He is still alive as of this writing, but his partner passed away several years back. 

Long after this pair left the Arizona circuit, there would be others to come along and use the name of The  Assassin, as singles competitors, including David Gordon, maniac Mike Gorgon, John Ringer and David Mendoza.

No one could ever come close to matching Hamilton and Renesto for  the heat they provoked from  the crowds, their original and crafty ways of cheating or their boisterous interviews.

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