Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Death Of David Rose

Arizona mainstay David Rose has passed away after a lengthy battle with numerous respiratory problems.

Rose first drifted into Arizona in 1975, wrestling under that name, first as a heel and later as a baby. He would also work under a mask as The American and Mr. Wrestling, During his varied runs, he promoted as well as wrestled, holding a number of indy titles. A few years ago, he left Arizona for Kansas, when his health really declined.

Rose was instrumental in helping to train numerous regional wrestlers as well. Some are still active to this date.

Among the varied people Rose had notable feuds with in Arizona were Jody Arnold, Billy Anderson, Paul Harvey, Mr. Southern Comfort, Cowboy Bob Yuma, The Lumberjacks, The Black Mamba,  Maniac Mike Gordon, John Ringer and Special Forces.

His remains were evidently cremated, with the family planning to scatter them someplace in the future..


  1. I knew David Rose only in the late part of his life. We worked together in Real Deal Pro-Wrestling and spent long hours together, sharing stories, planning projects, and promoting.

    What many might not know is that David had a heart for service. A stranger in need was simply a friend that David Rose hadn't met yet and David let many a struggling young wrestler find comfort on his couch when they had nobody else to turn to. Despite his own financial and physical limitations David was active in helping others kick drug addiction and abuse, as well as the only promoter in town that still honored those that came before. It didn't matter if it was a Western States Reunion, or one "old timer" sitting in the audience, David had respect for those that paved the way.

    Was David Rose a perfect man? No. David was a mess, a pain in my ass, a headache, and a good friend that I will miss terribly.

    Somewhere right now David, Maria, & John Ringer are laughing at us all from the cheap seats. RIP - I'll miss you Mr. Wrestling.

    1. I can totally agree he was a mess. I have known David since the 70's. But I can't feel bad for a person who was on oxygen and knew for a long time he had enphezima and should not be smoking. That's just stupid for a smart man. He signed his own death warrant. He was an intelligent man, with no common since. David would probably still be here if would have put the cigarettes down.
      Yes I can comment on the smoking, I was a 35 year smoker myself till 11 months ago when asthma was starting to run my life. It's an easy choice to make if you want to live and you aren't on a suicide mission. I am sorry he is gone, but those were his choices.

  2. Sorry to hear this...i knew david when i was a kid in the early to mid dad/grandfather wrestled with him back then...r.i.p.