Sunday, June 15, 2014

The History Of Bullfighting & Lucha Libre In Juarez

Coming in the winter form out of Arizona will be the new book, The Pictorial History Of Bullfighting & Lucha Libre In Juarez, by an Arizona publishing house. Details soon.

Note that many wrestlers from  the Phoenix area also appeared in El Paso or Juarez  over the decades. These include Don Arnold, Tito Montez, Gory Guerrero and Phil Melby. Varied Juarez-based wrestler such as Pancho Pico, Tom Ramirez, Flama Roja, Mustang and  Bronco Lazar were regulars in Phoenix in the 1970s.  Photos of all of these people will be included. Eddie Guerrero appeared in Phoenix for the first time in 1991, long before becoming an international star, as he teamed with CC Starr to take on Sergeant Schultz 1 and 2.

Bullfighters featured will include Fernando Dos Santos, Luis Procuna, Calesero, Andres Blando, Silverio Perez, Eduardo Liceaga, Armillita, David Silveti, Raul Ponce De Leon,  Manolete, Carlos Arruza, Eloy Cavazos, Mariano Ramos, Manolo  Martinez, Rogelio Leduc, David Renk, Jesus Solorzano, Juan Silveti, Arturo Magana, Pepe Luis Vazquez, Antonio Velazquez, Curro Rivera, Adan Lozada, Cagancho and many more, those these names may be meaningless to the wrestling fans.

Other wrestlers profiled include the Funks, Hans Schnabel, El Santo, Blue Demon, Rudy Navarro, Cassandro  El Erotico, Commando Nazi, Toro Bravo, Jay Dillon, Primo Carnera, Konnan, Goliath, Time Traveler,  Fabi Apache, Rey Misterio Jr. and many others.

The majority fo the photos in both categories have never been published before.


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