Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fargo Book Coming

A book on Don Fargo is coming via Crowbar press later this year. The 80-plus year old Fargo will give firsthand accounts of his long and often uncanny career.

The book will include some material on his various Phoenix stays.

The book will also deal with the shooting death of wrestler Joe Costello, who likewise did some Phoenix matches in the past. Fargo was always a death magnet, so to speak, with people around him getting killed or hurt outside the ring. There was the Costello shooting, which happened in a Tennessee bar.  A fight broke out, with Joe getting the worst of it and Fargo missing disaster as usual . (Costello has been covered on these blogs before if you do a  search, but his death, unlike the killing of Bravo or Nancy Benoit, has slipped through the cracks of history. Fans seldom mention it or him). Then there is the shooting of jack Dillinger, again in a bar, which caused him to lose a leg, while Fargo again made it to safety. Both incidents are to be covered at length.

Other wrestlers making appearance sin the text include Chris Colt, Ron Garfield, Jackie Fargo, Bill Miller, Ricky Romero, the Funks, Don Arnold, Stu Hart, Ruffy Silverstein, Jim Dalton and many more....

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