Monday, May 26, 2014

Los Mercenarios

Los Mercenarios or The merciless Mercenaries were masked men who worked mainly in Mexico, though they did see action in Arizona and California. Though many thought they were Mexican or Mexican American wrestlers behind the hoods, they were not. In fact beyond the masks they ere not always the same wrestlers.

Billy Anderson, Louie Spicolli  and Tim Patterson were the main three to do the routine, but Ricky Ataki and Stephen de Leon, as well as others also got in on the act when one of  the originals was busy elsewhere.

Los Mercenarios were seen in Arizona a few times when Steve Gator Wolf ran there and also in the Indian reservation areas up north when the same promoter booked the area.

De Leon  and Spicolli  are both dead. Patterson, Anderson and Ataki have all  retired. Unless someone else drags the gear out of moth balls, the routine has ended, but what a time this crew had and what heat they provoked from  the crowds!

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