Monday, May 12, 2014

The Daltons

Arizona had and has a load of cowboy types, good and bad alike. Cowboy Bob Ellis, The Outlaws, Cowboy Claw, Cowboy Bob Yuma, Tex Mc Kenzie, Billy The Kid and more. The Daltons, Jim and Jack (If you look close at Jack you can tell it is Don Fargo) also had a brief stint in Arizona.

While these two rulebreaking cowboys who looked like something from a Roy Rogers film, gained a lot of heat and were pushed heavy in their stay in the early 1960s, even getting a short run with the tag team belts, they did not stay long. They evidently wanted to escape the east for a winter and tried the desert landscape.

In truth, the Daltons were much bigger in the deep south, drawing  well  and again being pushed heavily in the Gulf Coast and Tennessee region. They eventually parted company.

Still, for a brief time,  these two crazed cowboys were a major draw in Arizona. A pity it did not last longer.

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