Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jimmy Valentine

No kin to Greg or Johnny Valentine for real, but Jimmy and Jerry Valentine were a big draw in the deep south in the 1970s. While Jerry stayed put, Jimmy did make a trip to Arizona and his run lasted over a year.

For the most part, he was a fan favorite, though his position on  the card varied from  week to week. At times he was in  an opener and at other times he was in  the main events. Some of the people he faced included Jay Dillon, Bobby Mayne, Chris Colt, Rudy Navarro, Jody Arnold, Ali Bey, Spike Jones  and Ron Dupree.

Then before leaving for God knows where, he made a heel turn, teaming up with Bobby Mayne  to turn on former friends Kurt Von Steiger, Tito Montez, Flama Roja and the like. The tag team was short lived. Mayne stayed in  Arizona and Valentine headed elsewhere.

So much for that.

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