Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Medics

The Medics were a top draw throughout the 1960s in the USA and by the 1970s, adapted a manager by the name of Dr. Ken Ramey. As psychotic doctors dressed in white for "general practice" or easy matches and surgical green for "special operations" in the ring, they were perfect heels. People hated this masked pair with an utter passion.

Arizona was not  spared either as they did a brief stint in the area in the 1960s, feuding with Tito Montez and a variety of partners, including Jerry Miller, Pancho Pico and Luis Martinez.

The masked men proved to be masters of tag team wrestling, with distractions, double teaming and underhanded tactics galore. Finally, Tito was able to vanquish them. They returned to their southern home base, while new villains came into  the area to challenge the popular Tito.

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