Saturday, April 7, 2012


The Cauliflower Alley Club is meeting this month in Las Vegas for their annual convention, as they do every year. It is amazing how far they have come from a modest weekly gathering of retired wrestlers in Los Angeles years ago, headed by the late Mike Mazurki, to this. Mazurki is gone, but his dream lives on.

One can find information by just logging Cauliflower Alley Club into search and finding their web page.

A modest $25 a year for US members (higher for overseas) gets you a fine quarterly magazine/newsletter, entitlement to attend the conventions and other benefits. There is also a benevolence fund for members set up to  aid wrestlers in financial or medical need.

Present members who were or still are seen in Arizona include Billy Anderson, Tito Montez, Tito Carreon, Phil Melby, CC Starr, Red Bastien, Nick Bockwinkel, Ann Casey, Pat Patterson, myself and more. When one looks at the entire roster, the list is astronomical and still growing.

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