Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Rick Renaldo wrestled mainly in the Pacific Northwest and Deep South. A muscular Italian-American with a love for cigars and weightlifting, though this might seem a contradiction, he was also one of wretsling;s legitimately toughest individuals.

Anyone doubting his toughness need only hear of a real-life Renaldo heroic, where he and Ray Stevens decked a bank robber making his getaway out the doors of a bank he just robbed,

Renaldo never wrestled regularly in Arizona, but drifted through the territory from time to time.

Renaldo's longest run was in the winter of 1979-1980 when matches were held at the Immaculate Heart Gym in Pheonix, in which he had a feud with Eddie Sullivan, These two had wrestled each other elsewhere before, several times and it was logical to bring them together on these cards, Sadly, this promotion did not last long and Renaldo went elsewhere.

Usually, Renaldo wretsled as a rulebreaker, butt here were times when he turned into a fan favorite, as seen in his southern run. When he faced Sullivan in Arizona, he was also utilized as the proverbial good guy.

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