Saturday, March 31, 2012

Miss Vicious

Miss Vicious started out in Arizona in 1988, both as a manager and as a female wrestler, with her first big feuds being with Thunder Mamma and The Apache Princess.

Later down the road, she gained a great deal of respect for more intense feuds with Irish Miss and the crafty veteran, Josie Navarro.

She likewise became an important part of Mamba Incorporated, working as a manager for The Black Mamba, Bonecrusher and Illustrated Vic Capone.

One of her greatest matches came in Phoenix in front of 2,000 people in 1991, an amazing feat for an independent group and NOT exaggerated card at Graham Central Station. Copies of the bout still float around among tape traders, proving the size of the audience and the intensity of the match up was not a stretch of the imagination.

She eventually retired from the ring, though there has been talk of her making a comeback as a manager again. Time will tell, one supposes.

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