Monday, March 12, 2012

The Missing Link

Dewey Robertson was a popular  wrestler in Canada and the Midwest under this name, while also donning a mask for various gigs as The Crusader. Under the hood he engaged in a lengthy feud with Hank James, that included one particularly grueling Lumberjack Match at The Akron Armory in Akron, Ohio.

Other people he faced with the mask or as himself without it included The Sheik, The Mongols, Frenchy Martin, Bulldog Bower, Don Kent and George Steele, just to name a few.

It was when   he signed on with the WWF that  he really developed a new routine, wearing green greasepaint, a new hairdo and becoming an eye-roiling maniac in the tradition of the people he used to battle, such as Sheik and Brower.

Many do not realize, however, he had developed this routine before coming to the "Fed" and it was his brainstorm, not theirs.

Though intended to be a villain, he proved so popular the office turned him"good", which left people to shout "Bang your head" at him and roar approvingly when he pounded his skull against a ringpost.

It was during his WWF run that he made some shows in Phoenix and Tucson.

The Missing Link routine proved to be a hit with desert fans..

Robertson went into semi-retirement at a nudist colony in Canada and occasionally promoted matches there, where the wrestlers fought naked.

He later developed prostate cancer, seemed to be beating it, then died from the disease.

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