Monday, March 12, 2012

The Gorgeous George Book

Gorgeous George by John Capouya is a wonderful book that  captures both the light-hearted and the darker side oft hsi revolutionary showman.

The book also mentions some of the appearances of this late star in Phoenix, where he was a mainstay.

One section tells of how George was talked into having an injured knee numbed up by Rod Fenton and going out to do a match, only to have the thing turn twice as bad the next morning, when the medication wore off. He evidently called Fenton on the phone and tore him apart with every profanity known to man.

There is another tale of how George and traveling companion, Howard Cantonwine, got into a  roadside fist fight when both left the arena thinking the other had collected their pay off for the night.

A great book and a close up look at a controversial man who was certainly far from flawless, but nonetheless a magnificent showman.

"I wrestled Gorgeous George three times and he was drunk all three times," Tito Montez explained to me in a phone conversation once a few years back. By what is presented in this book, such is no surprise.

Don Arnold also told me about  wrestling George when the latter was blitzed and literally holding him up in the corner as he pummeled him, while trying to keep him from passing out.

Again, the George described to me by those who knew him seems clearly to be the one presented in this book.

Worth reading.

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