Monday, March 5, 2012

The Death Of Woody Farmer

Woody farmer passed away last week without a lot of publicity. Though known predominately in Texas, Oklahoma, California and the south, he also made varied trips into Arizona in the 1960s and 1970s.

For the most part, Farmer wrestled as a villain, using an unorthodox stomping headlock to force people into submission or a crushing bearhug to do the same. Some of the people he faced included Cowboy Bob Ellis, Cowboy bob Yuma, Nano Ortega, Greg Campbell, Kiko Torres and Eddie Lopez, though he really reached his height in a  feud with Tito Montez.

In 1977, Montez and Farmer met several weeks straight at the Phoenix Madison Square  Garden, facing each other  in all types of matches before Tito was able to finally gain the conclusive win.

During his last days in Arizona, Farmer became a fan favorite, after a split between his partner Jody Arnold and himself in a tag match. The two then ended up facing each other as well, in a series of hectic matches, until Woody finally gained the upper hand.

Always a tremendous physical specimen, Farmer would often perform feats of strength or in a straight shoot, allow fans from the audience to try to hurt him by punching him in his stomach. When he tightened his stomach muscles many fans found it was like hitting a brick wall.

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