Saturday, April 7, 2012

George Drake

Claiming to be from Catalina Island, George Drake was a popular grappler in the 1950s who toured the USA. Handsome, muscular and charismatic, though a bit small for a wrestler, he was nonetheless a top draw in whatever territory he appeared.Though not overly tall, he was quite muscular..

Among his favorite moves were an airplane spin, a Boston crab and the arm drag.

Drake made various trips into Arizona, where he was always cheered by the crowd. Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma were some of the areas where he was a regular.

As with most incoming fan favorites, Drake was matched up with mainstay villain Don Arnold for an intense feud. Arnold usually won these encounters, which would set up for an unending series of rematches and keep the crowd coming back for more.

Other people Drake faced included Tito Copa, Brute Bemis, Farmer Palmer, Duke Keomuka and the Garcias.

After retirement, Drake evidently found the quiet life too much to cope with and committed suicide in 1967.

His real name was an unflattering Roland Hogg. 

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