Monday, July 18, 2011

Bull Zambrano

Jesse "Bull" Zambrano  started wrestling in 1987 and continued mainly in the Pheonix area throughout  the next decade. He eventually retired to start a soccer supply store. Through effective as a singles grappler, he was better known as part of a three man tag team with JT Law and Lance Ferraro as The Pale Riders

Among the people Zambrano faced in the Phoenix area were The Black Mamba, John Ringer, the Lumberjacks, CC Starr. David Rose, Thrillseeker, Bonecrusher, Eli Hernandez, Tony Hernandez, Eddie Lopez, Louie Spicolli, Flama Negra, Special Forces, Steve Gator Wolf and Crazy Horse.

A short and stocky wrestler, Zambrano used a load of power moves in his matches. Body slams, crushing headlocks and full nelsons were constants in his bouts. Sometimes he was cheered and sometimes he was booed, depending on what oppoennt he or his tag partners faced.

Where JT Law made it to Canada and Mexico and Lance made it to Texas, Zambrano preferred to stick to his Phoenix base. He did, after all, have a second love in soccer and other ties that kept him in Arizona. had  he chosen to travel more often, he could have  possibly become a major star in some territories still around at the time, but that was not his destiny.

Aside from wrestling for other offices, Zambrano also ran some shows of his own in 1990 in a soccer auditorium, with Law, The Beast, Louie Spicolli, Billy Anderson, Tony Hernandez, Miss Vicious and others.

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