Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eli Hernandez

Eli Hernandez started in 1981 with the WSWA  promoters out of Phoenix and continued to wrestle for two decades, until his knee problems forced retirement upon him.

Hernandez wrestled as a single, feuding with Masked Frankenstein, The Lumberjacks and John Ringer in his early years. For the majority of his career, he was cheered by the fans and exemplified a scientific style.

In 1989, Hernandez formed the Avengers tag team with Mike Contreras, feuding with Sergeant Schultz 1&2 and Special Forces.

One match at Graham Central Station in Phoenix in the spring of 1991 pulled in over 2,000 people which was an incredible draw for an Indy show with no television. This encounter  pitted Hernandez and Contreras against the Special Forces once and saw the fan favorites defeating the quasi-military villains. Sadly, however, it was in this match Hernandez twisted his leg and received the first of multiple knee injuries that would drive him from the game.

Other wrestlers Hernandez faced over the years included Hot Stuff Hellraiser, Lance Ferrarro, Bull  Zambrano, JT Law, The Detroit Mauler, Thrillseeker, The Black Mamba, David Rose, Bronco Lazar, Sicilian Slammer, Bonecrusher and Louie Spicolli.

When wrestler Eddie Lopez ran briefly in 1982, Hernandez did double duty as he worked for him, wretsling as himself and also under a mask as Calibus, but did not keep the hooded routine for long.

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