Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gallo Castro

Wrestling as Gallo Castro with a mask on and as Coyo Castro without it, this Mexican wrestler operated out of Nogales for many years and was regularly booked by promoter Pedro Gonzalez for shows. He main evented several times at the Pedro Gonzalez arena and in the local bullring, where he was known as a rule breaking "rudo" who would stoop to nothing to win,.

Castro also saw himself booked in Mexicali, Tijuana, Juarez, San Luis Rio Colorado, Hermosillo, Piedras Negras, Ensenada, San Felipe, Agua Prieta, Naco, Sasabe, Ciudad Obrehon, Santa Ana, Delicias and Torreon in the northern part of Mexico. He also made it to Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes and Mexico City in the interior.

Though he always had ambitions of becoming a major draw in the USA, he was not given the opportunities he hoped for. He did received various stints in Arizona from 1972-1976, but only at irregular intervals, perhaps due to problems with immigration and work permits.

For a time he was paired with another masked wrestler, El Mustang from out of Juarez. Together, they were over big in Phoenix, but again did not stay long.

When Paul Harvey was promoting in the Phoenix/Tucson area, he had ambitions of gestation himself booked in Juarez and Nogales himself, so he tried to work out a trade deal with the Mexicans. This saw him uniting Mustang and Castro again for a feud with Al Seneceros and Tony Hernandez. After much promising from both sides, no trade deal of any major worth ever came into being. Harvey stayed in Arizona and the Mexicans returned yo their homeland.

Castro continued to wrestle in Mexico until he retirement in the 1980s. Afterward, he trained younger men to enter the profession. Most of them became stars in Mexico, but like their mentor, just could no get a  decent break that would last in the USA.

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