Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tom Ramirez

After wrestling for varied years in Mexico, Tom Ramirez drifted into Arizona in the early 1970s when Kurt Von Steiger was promoting . He did not get many breaks at this time, In fact, he ended up losing a number of televised matches, as well as undercard bouts to the likes of Chris Colt, Bobby Mayne (Jaggers), Rudy Navarro, Chuck Karbo and Jay Dillon. He eventually ended up as a referee.

When Tito Montez started promoting in 1976, Ramirez received a far bigger push, working both as a wrestler and as a manager. Doing double duty, he gained loads of heat from the fans. As a wrestler he faced  Bob Yuma, Chuck Hondo, Ed Blair, Nick Salinas, Mr, Wrestling, Pancho Pico and Super Argo, while as a manager he oversaw the careers of Tony Hernandez, Al Seneceros and Masked Frankenstein.

The 1980s proved to be a great decade for him, as he appeared in both Arizona and Mexico. People he faced included Section 8, Thrillseeker Terry Zeller, Jody Arnold, Eddie Sullivan, Nano Ortega, Benny Mendeblis, Chuck Hondo, Billy Anderson, Flama Negra, The Pale Riders, Flama Azul, Pedro El Grande, Silver Bullet, Silver Shadow, Phil Melby, Eddie Lopez, Hard Rock Kimbell, Crazy Horse, Renegado, Blind Man  and Eli Hernandez.

The 1990s saw him drifting more into manager work and occasional stints as a ring announcer. In 1995, he packed his things and headed for Juarez. As of late no one has any idea whatever happened to him.

A heavy-set, even fat individual who looked "like a 50 year old cholo" as the late Tona Tomah once put it, he did much with his lack of physique. He even took to calling himself Tom ":The Lover" Ramirez and acted like he felt himself to be the sexiest man alive. The fans hated him for his appearance and actions even before he stepped into the ring.

"Von Steiger didn't use him right," remarked Cowboy Bob Yuma, a short time before his death. "Tito did and so did some of the other people like Bill Johnson and Skip De Jourdey. Von Steiger saw what he perceived as overweight Latino with limited ability, but the latter promoters saw his potential and used him to the promotion's advantage at the gate. When pushed, Ramirez proved himself capable. The people absolutely despised him and he knew how to play off that."

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