Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Heart

Chief Big Heart was an actual Sioux Indian by the name of Richard Vest. In the 1950s and 1960s he gained much fame for an extended feud with Dr Jerry Graham, which spilled over into Arizona as well as many other parts of  the USA. Graham was the consummate heel and Big Heart was the charismatic fan favorite, making for tremendous chemistry in their encounters. Their matches were bloody brawls that usually ended in double disqualifications, though occasionally Big Heart forced the humongous Graham to submit when he clamped on his bow and arrow finisher.

Big Heart's last Arizona stint came in 1973, when eh drifted back into Phoenix for Kurt Von Steiger's promotion. By then, Graham was long gone from the area, but there were others for him of feud with.

Big Heart ran through a host of undercard wrestlers such a Johnny Mann, Rudy Navarro, Spike Jones and Ali Bey in Tucson, Casa Grande, Prescott and Flagstaff, as well as Phoenix Madison Square Garden showings. He was then matched with a young Bobby Jaggers who was wrestling as Bobby Mayne at the time.

Mayne vs, Big Heart was not exactly on par with the old Big Heart vs. Graham feud, but it held the interest of the fans to  the point where both men headed elsewhere.

Big Heart was later killed in a car crash.

Inquiring his long career, Big Heart was extremely popular with the fans and always willing to pose for photos or sign autographs,. His signature was  unique as when hurried, he would simply draw a heart on programs, photos or napkins handed to him by supporters.

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