Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chico Band

Chico Band was a stocky little guy who would have been considered too small to wrestle according to most American standards. Living across from Yuma, in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, he was a mainstay in this border  town in the 1980s and 1990s.

The wrestler supplemented his income as the leader of a mariachi group.

Band made it occasionally to Arizona when the Coronas, Tony martin and others made efforts to run lucha libre in Phoenix and environs, but was never a regular due to problems with immigration.

Some of the people Band feuded with in his native San Luis included Circulo Rojo, Oso Negro, Mr,. Kobra, Vikingo, Baby Love and an occasional visitor from Arizona.The American, El Futuristico  (Bladerunenr in the USA)  gave him some wild brawls.

Though usually a singles wrestler, Band formed a popular tag team with Mr Majestyk in the 1990s..  

Oddly enough, Band did not do many of the sensational flying moves attributed to other lucha libre stars, but fought as a brawler, slugging, slamming and throwing people into chairs.

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