Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Shoe-Polish Match

Sometimes wrestlers do dumb things when they are first starting out and learn by experience. Such was the case when Benny Mendeblis and Billy Anderson engaged in a scientific match when the latter was new at the game.

The two started out with solid chain wrestling.  Hold vs hold and arm bar versus arm bar. Then the crowd  started laughing,.

The two wrestlers were covered with black stripes. They looked like zebras.

The match continued as they wrestled and exchanged holds. Arm drags. Headlocks. Full nelsons. Dropkicks.

With each move, the wrestlers became more streaked.

The only question was why and how.

In the locker room the mystery was finally resolved when the match  ended.

It seems Anderson had shown the poor judgment of polishing his wrestling boots with black polish right before going into the ring.

Being it hadn't dried.....

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