Sunday, August 28, 2011


Every Indy territory since the invention of Doink has to have a clown. Enter Durty, Big Top, Yuk Yuk, Pennywise, Clank, Corky and Filthy, plus of course The Insane Clown Posse in the Midwest and Los Payasos in Mexico.

Real Deal Pro Wrestling bow has its own clown in the Phoenix area in the form of Giggles.

In true evil clown style, he is about as funny as a prostate exam. His makeup tends to rub off in his matches. Ringling Brothers he is not!

Still, Giggles adds something to the cards.

As of now one of his better matches has been with the veteran, CC Starr in Phoenix. The match may be seen on You Tube.

How far Giggles will go will remain to be seen. I would suggest he investigate working the Mexican border in places such as Nogales, Mexicali and Agua Prieta where he would go over quite well.  

In the meantime he continues to ply his trade in Arizona as a spectacularly unfunny and sinister clown invading the wrestling world. Yeah, yeah, it has been done to death already by others over the past two decades, but if he finds some ways to improve on the role he will last,

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