Thursday, March 10, 2011


Along the Mexican border, Makriz was a big draw in the 1990s. Coming from Nogales, he was a regular at the old Pedro Gonzalez Arena in that city. He also ventured across the border on varied occasions, though he was never seen with consistency in Arizona.

Wearing a bizarre mask with a fright wig sewn on top and cloth fangs protruding from his mouth, Makriz was doing the vampire routine long before Gangrel in the WWF.  The public absolutely hated him. Beyond his somewhat silly routine, he was an underhanded heel of the worst order.

In Nogales and environs, Makriz faced Bucky Zepeda, Rsplandor, Indio Seri, Mr. Cobra, Vikingo and others. Sometimes he won and sometimes he lost. Regardless of the situation, he was  always booed.

When miscellaneous lucha libre promotions ran in Arizona, he was brought in with them and usually appeared at mid-card level.

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