Friday, March 25, 2011

Toro Bravo 1&2

The Toro Bravo tag team was more active across the border in Mexico than in Arizona, though they were brought in for varied lucha offices running spot shows in Arizona. Translated as "The Brave Bulls" in English, the pair wore masks with bull horns on them, which were of course removed before they wrestled.  Beneath, they wore standard black masks, with black ring garb.

Both have since passed away,. There are bios of them in The Last Bell Call at

Both rest in cemeteries in the Mexican interior, far away from the border where they flourished.

Had they been pushed properly, the two could have been a major hit in Arizona, but there were supposedly problems with keeping them legal and keeping them working in Arizona. Reportedly, when they crossed the border, they never bothered with work permits and simply claimed they were mailing visits to relatives on the American side of the line, while being paid under the table.

Mexico has often produced "silly" routines, such a Hombre Simeo in a monkey outfit, Los Robots in metallic shimmer  gear and Tortugas Ninja in Ninja Turtle outfits. Purists might claim The Brave Bulls just to be another dumb routine, but those who saw them in action realized aside from the weird entrance masks, they were deathly serious in the ring.  Furthermore, America has little room to talk! What country gave the wrestling world The Gobbledygook-er, Battle Cat, Lazar-tron and The MVP?

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