Monday, March 7, 2011

Rage In The Cage Promotions

Knocked mercilessly by some critics and praised by others, Rage In The Cage Promotions emerged in Tucson, Arizona in the 1990s and lasted for quite a few years. The brainstorm of wrestler Ron Sutherland, aka The L.A. Fiend, Vic Capone and Section 8, his idea was to run wrestling in a cage rather than in a ring. Was he insane? Was he a genius ahead of his time? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bizarre? Bloody? Abnormal? Well, that was and still is Arizona wrestling for you.

Sutherland tended to main event in most of his matches, which worked because he was in front of a hometown crowd. One Widowmaker William Barker tended to be his main nemesis and they faced each other in a number of brutal matches, including one scaffold match. They were lucky no one ended up rolling out of the dog track in which this match was held, for no one bothered to take the wheels off the scaffold. Fortunately, things stayed in place, but they were lucky they did not end up rolling out to I-10 in the middle of their brawl.

While Sutherland introduced a number of hastily trained students to appear in these matches, such as King Milo, The Gangsta Man, The Calgary Crippler, Venom, The Super Serial Killer, Death Dealer, Billy Scream, Fancy Boy Quinn, Shawn Goodman, Dump Truck Dawson and Rodan, some of the trainees managed to go on to other things once Rage In The Cage closed. A few students are still active, with special note to Goodman who is now active in Colorado.  Sutherland also attracted a number of established wrestlers from up in Phoenix such as The Klansman, C.C. Starr, The Time Traveler, Rainbow, Lance Ferraro and The Black Mamba.

A group of grapplers from the Los Angeles area also came in, by the names of Badd Blood, El Condor and Gran Kimara.  

Sutherland now makes his home in Bremerton, Washington. He wrestles, trains and promotes occasional shows in both that state and below in Oregon.

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