Friday, March 25, 2011

Thrillseeker Terry Zeller

Thrillseeker Terry Zeller drifted into Phoenix from Portland, Oregon in 1988 and just happened to wander into a local wrestling arena where Indy shows were held on a weekly basis. He was quickly signed on. For the next several years, he would appear both as a fan favorite and a rule breaker, depending where he wad needed and confront a number of capable challengers. During his Arizona run, he also became a regular on AIWA cards out in California, plus occasional WWF tv matches and trips to the Mexican border.

On WWF TV takings, he lost to The Undertaker and Brutus Beefcake, but had an impressive match with Bob Backlund.  He also had the  dubious distinction of being flattened by Lex Lugar when he had the audacity  to look into Lugar's mirror and primp himself before the cheering crowd.

In the Indy promotions, where he faced people more his size, he had a more effective run. Some of his opponents included Tom Ramirez, Louie Spicolli, JT Law, Lance Ferraro, Sgt. Shultz, The Beast, Ron Sutherland,  The Ranger, The Mercenary, Bonecrusher, John Ringer, Flama Negra, Eruption, Tony Hernandez, Mike Contreras, Eli Hernandez,  Baby Love, The Golden Eagle, David Rose, The Lumberjacks, Zodiac,  TC Ryder and CC Starr.

Thrillseeker's longest and greatest feud was with the Black Mamba, with these two meeting in nearly every kind of match known to man and the bulk of them being bloodbaths. Ironically, the pair grew tired of pounding each other, teamed up and won a version of the Western States Tag Team title.

Thrillseeker's Arizona run came to an end in 1995,  when he moved to Las Vegas,.

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