Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ballards

The Ballard Brothers started out in California using different names than this and seeing action fro varied independents around the Los Angeles area. They were pushed by Ed Ahrens and the AIWA as well as other offices.

It was when they decided to use the collective name of the Ballard Brothers and become villainous hockey player types entering a wrestling ring like something out of Slap Shot hat they were caught on.

Ed Ahrens continued to push them in the AIWA, while adding their local phenomenon, Luscious Laura, as their manager.

Other promotional groups picked them up and the pair saw  themselves being booked regularly all over.

The Navajo Warrior had some wild battles withe the pair in California and saw them as a top drawing possibility in Arizona. Thus he brought them in as a tag team when he was running his own shows, bringing them to Phoenix and other areas.

As in California, they took Arizona by storm.

"Few other tag teams ever generated such heat in the independent world," commented wrestler Stinky The Garbage Man. "The Comancheros, Sergeant Shultz 1&2 and The Lumberjacks maybe, but no one else. They were just so over. I mean they were fucking hot!"

The Ballards have not been back top Phoenix in a while and seem to have been sticking to raising chaos in their California homeland, but who knows. maybe one day they will return.

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